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Industrial Design & Product Development

Kendall Design is here to assist in creation of  beautiful, valuable product solutions answering the question what form should the product take and why?

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Product solutions can come in a myriad of elegant, human-centered forms.  The key is to rapidly evaluate the solutions through visualization that explores market timing, aesthetics, user acceptance, manufacturing cost and complexity.  Commonly, these techniques are a part of a design thinking methodology combined with ergonomic configurations while solving for unarticulated needs.

Exciting solutions and controlling development risks can be realized through the processes like – 

  • Single day or multi-day team brainstorming workshops to capture and structure innovative ideas
  • Rapid visualization of product ideas for team evaluation of markets, user needs, development trade-offs, and potential intellectual property
  • Customer evaluation testing prototypes through a variety of techniques finding value through qualitative and quantitative methods
  • Aesthetic, brand language development and exploration to enhance customer relevance and market positioning
  • Product architecture exploration to find the balances between product cost and market acceptance

The tool box used for this development is quite full and constantly updating…..but the order, quantity and resolution vary with the application to your needs.

Send a note and let’s discuss how to solve your unique problems.

Kendall Design is here to turn your ideas into valued, empathetic solutions.